First Visit

Helpful information for first time visits:

Being a first time visitor, you might feel confused and nervous. It is certain that there are a few questions running through your mind.

Here are some top questions that we are frequently asked:

  1. What should I do before a session?
    • It is best not to eat 30 - 60 minutes before your session depending on the type of session. Please let your therapist know if you ate within this timeframe. It can be dangerous for you if you do not do so.
  2. Do I need to bring anything?
    • Everything is provided for you at the clinic regarding the session.
  3. What do I do after a session?
    • This is a very good question! You must drink lots of water after your session due to the toxins/acids that were released. This is very important.


If there are more questions on your mind not answered here, we have a detailed list of questions and answers which our new clients usually ask. Please visit the FAQ page to ease your first visit.

If in case your question was not answered in FAQ, feel free to drop us an email through our contact form or give us a call (832) 377-7838.