If there are any unanswered questions anyone may have, please feel free to call our number or email us through the Contact Page.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    • Unfortunately, we currently do not accept insurance.
  • Do you accept Personal Checks or Credit Cards?
    • Yes, we do.

      But it depends on location.

      Personal Checks Accepted: All Locations

      Credit Card Accepted: Midtown and Richmond

  • How long have Huang's Health been helping clients with their pain?
    • Huang's Health is started and backed by Wilson Huang. Most, if not all, therapy is done through him.

      Wilson has had experience in this area and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for over 30 years.

      Wilson started his education in Trauma Treatment and Acupressure in China. He has continued his practice in the West from California, Florida, New Mexico, to Texas - with his main office(s) being in Texas.

  • What are we expect to wear?
    • Different treatments will require you to dress differently. We always recommend wearing something you're comfortable in.

      For specific clothing requirements, see the specific service pages under the "What to expect" heading.

  • Why does my body hurt?
    • There are different reasons why a body hurts.

    • Atheletes commonly experience from overuse of muscles(RSI/RMI).
    • For the less atheltic, pain could be from sudden activity they are not used to or from inactivity(Such as sleeping in an odd position) as muscles tend to shrink if not in use.
    • If your body is aching, scheduling an appointment with Huang's Health Clinic can be your next step in a pain relievied life.
  • What is Massage Therapy
    • Massage therapy as defined by Texas' law is

      "The manipulation of soft tissue for the purpose of body massage."

      It is a therapeutic art meant for the maintenance of health.


      There are different modalities of massage.

      The following are common massage modalities:

    • Accupressure(also known as Shiatsu)
    • Swedish massage
    • Thai Massage
    • Ashiatsu Massage
    • Moxibustion
    • Deep Tissue