Wilson LMT My name is Wilson. I have over 30 years of experience in Massage Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I started my practice in China and, since my arrival in the United States, have aided patients from East to West Coast. In the U.S. I started in Florida and extended my expertise to San Francisco, CA.

In my earlier years, before the US, I have healed and shared my expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the hearts of Belize, in Central America.
I have a very unique Creole Accent, coming from my roots starting from China and after many years of communicating with Belizean citizens.

Currently, I am situated in Houston, TX. I am a certified San Francisco Massage Theripist and Texas Certified in Thai Massage, Traditional Chinese Medical Traumatology, Swedish Massage, and Foot Reflexology.

First of all, let me say I'm a big skeptic when it comes to these things. But, I've been having these very sharp back pain. I've had a few surgeries and been to chiropractors, but nothing seems to work.  [ ... ] I went to Wilson for a session, he asked me some questions about my situation and my pain. Then, proceeded the therapy session. During the session, yes, his points are on the spot. I can feel the effects almost immediately. After the session I felt renewed, and I can say till now (It has been about a month) my back doesn't give me much trouble. - Greg R. (Testimonial)

Pain Relief Clinic: Goals

In all the years of my practice, I strive to keep a humble office. This is what you will realize upon your visits. Nothing fancy but very effective and welcoming.

I do not prescribe medicine, use needles, or provide surgery. The best hope for my clients is that they achieve health restoration naturally. It is my goal during each session to provide you with increasing pain relief and the possibility of getting back to a normal life.


My certificates and licenses.

LMT License
LMT License
Certification 3
Texas Diploma
Certification 1
Traumatology Certified
Thai Certification
Thai Certificate


If you have more questions, give me a call!