Stay physically healthy by scheduling a Maintainance Massage at least once a month

What is a maintainance massage?

This massage uses Swedish massage techniques varying pressures. This massage may integrate acupressure, reflexology, or Thai stretches.  It is mostly requested for relaxation as well as maintenance of physical and muscle health.

Maintenance Massage

A session before exercising will improve your performance and a session after will help relieve tension built up from the workout.

Clients commonly feel relieved from stress and less anxious after a session.

What to expect

Where will the session be?

  • Huang's Health has 3 different locations that will be determined upon making an appointment.

How should I dress?

  • You will come fully clothed, but will have to undress once the therapist leaves the session room.
  • The therapist will not be present when you undress.

What will be massaged?

  • It will be a full body massage excluding the genitals(penis and/or vagina) and the breasts.
  • You may choose to opt out or list any areas you do not want massaged when filling out the form.

How long will the session last?

  • The length of time will be determined upon making the appointment.
  • The options are 60min(1hour), 90min(1.5hours), or 120min(2hours) depending on the availability of the therapist

What are the benefits?

  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Maintenance of physical health