CEU: Reflex Class

Foot Reflexology Learning

A great way to get certified as a Reflexologist and obtain license renewal credit units!


Laws and benefits

According to Texas law, foot reflexology is not considered a massage(because of the primary use of static pressure on points). Anyone is able to "practice" without a certificate because it does not require clients to undress and generally does not use massage techniques. Without a license, no oils/lotions may be used when practicing Reflexology. Reflexology beyond the ankle point is also not permitted. Thus, taking this class will not substitute any massage therapy classes.

Taking the course, however will teach you proper reflexology technique as well as the sequence that is most beneficial to the client. A certificate from the course adds to your credibility when working self employed or seeking employment from establishments.

  • Taking this CEU(Continuing Education Unit) will add 12 hours towards your License Renewal.

Class Time

The course lasts 12 hours in 2 days.

Class begins at 10AM and ends at 4PM

The first few  hours are mostly lecture and theory. After that, the instructor will teach the sequence and technique and afterwards, will pair up with other students(Or with the teacher if there are an odd number of students) and practice.



  • At least two students. Ask a friend to come with you!
  • Must already be a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)